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Volunteer Feedback

I am really grateful for this chance, I loved the whole team, Dr. Almahal was extremely nice. I felt appreciated and welcomed all the time

The volunteer task assignment is smooth and the team is great to work with. The work in itself is for a greater cause and very self-fulfilling.

For me, I’m volunteering for the sake of gaining experience in NGO’s work and to expand my network and connections within my major, what’s fascinating about volunteering at SAMA is how things are being managed there a good amount of freedom to perform your own ideas without asking for the green light in each and every major & minor matter as my previous experiences. The platform Trello and the clarity of tasks and the delegation between members to avoid burnout between them

“The punctuality and scheduling of meetings and tasks are excellent, the teamwork is great too”

“What I like about SAMA is that they make sure that all team members have the same skill level, they give you a chance to learn to use technology to conduct your daily tasks, and the most important thing they are punctual.”

“Diverse range of volunteer activities and opportunity to learn from a variety of experiences and skillful volunteers; overall enriching experience”

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