• Objectives
    • Capacity Building of Khartoum Dental Teaching Hospital (KDTH) & Soba University Hospital (SUH) through Staff Education & Training
    • Providing a high quality, highly specialized medical service to disadvantaged patients in Sudan
    • Enable the Sudanese American Community to positively impact medical practice in Sudan through partnership with institutions that cater for all patients regardless of their ability to pay
    • Surgical Team from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital & Medical Center (CCHMC) composed of;
      • 2 Surgeons
      • 1 Anesthesiologist
      • 1 Pediatric Intensivist
      • 1 Scrub Nurse
      • 1 Recovery Nurse
      • 2 CRNAs (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesist)
    • Performed a total of 21 Operations
    • 13 Cleft Lip &/or Palate Operations in KDTH from Negood Alkhair Society’s waiting list
      • All children, (Age from 1-12 years)
      • 1 to 2 Maxillofacial Surgery Registrars scrubbed in each case
      • Live broadcast of the surgeries to audience outside the Operating Room
    • 4 Cleft Lip &/or Palate Operations in SUH (Plastic Surgery Team) from Soba Hospital’s Waiting List
      • Active participation from SUH Plastic Surgery Registrars
      • In some operations, plastic surgeons took the lead with guidance and supervision from CCHMC Surgeons.
    • 4 Complex Craniofacial Operations selected by Negood Elkhair Society
    • Case 1: Congential deformity of mandible (KDTH)
      • 3 year old female, from Albutana, born with congenitally small jaw leading to difficulty breathing, poor feeding and sleep apnea.
      • She underwent distraction surgery to grow her mandible to alleviate her symptoms.
      • Doing well at last follow up.
    • Case 2: Distraction Surgery/jaw reconstruction (KDTH)
      • 22 year old female, from Gezira, with history of jaw trauma leading to a very small mandible, causing significant cosmetic deformity, sleep apnea, and feeding difficulty.
      • She underwent distraction surgery to lengthen her mandible to alleviate her symptoms.
      • Doing well at last follow up.
    • Case 3: Bilateral Facial Cleft (KDTH)
      • 4 month old male, from Darfur, with a very rare congenital deformity
      • Led to facial deformity, difficulty breathing, feeding and impaired growth.
      • He underwent complex repair
      • He is doing well at last follow up
      • He is planned to undergo further repair in future missions
    • Case 4: Jaw tumor (Ameloblastoma) Resection with facial reconstruction using free fibula flap
      • 23 year old male from Gezira with a jaw tumor underwent multiple prior surgeries with tumor recurrence.
      • Required highly specialized surgery with microvascular techniques to reconstruct the jaw
      • Expertise not available in Sudan and done only in highly specialized centers abroad (including CCHMC)
      • Surgery performed in Alfaisal Private Hospital using Special Surgical Microscope
      • Hospital Stay & expenses paid for by charitable individuals
      • 2 teams involved: KDTH (Maxillofacial) & SUH (Plastic) with CCHMC Team
      • Patient doing well at last follow up
    • All surgeries performed in this mission are under close follow up by the teams in KDTH & SUH in consultation with Dr. Haithem Elhadi Musaab Babiker, Plastic & Maxillofacial Surgeon, CCHMC.

    CCHMC Staff working with the staff in KDTH & SUH in Khartoum, Sudan

    CCHMC Team preparing a pediatric patient for Surgery in Soba Hospital

    CCHMC Pediatrician reviewing a CT scan in Soba Hospital

    CCHMC Team operating in Khartoum Dental Hospital

    CCHMC Team providing postoperative care in Soba Hospital Recovery Room

    CCHMC Team inducing anesthesia in Soba Hospital

    Jackie Morillo-Delerme,MD Anesthesiologist & Richard Burns, RN, Recovery Nurse (CCHMC) with the Operating Room Staff in SUH

    Dr. Christopher Gordon, CCHMC; seen here working with Dr. Shadad, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, SUH

    Dr. Christopher Gordon, CCHMC,
    seen here working with Maxillofacial Registrar in KDTH

    Dr. Haithem Musaab Elhadi Babiker (red cap) seen here working with Surgical Registrars in Alfaisal Private Hospital
    The patients’ hospital stay was paid for by
    Hassan Mohamed Gabir Hassan
    ( in memory of his father the late Mr. Mohamed Gabir Hassan) &
    Dr. Sahar Musaab Elhadi Babiker
    (on behalf of the family of Musaab Elhadi Babiker ).

    “Craniofacial Surgery; a Surgeon’s experience”.
    By Chrisopher Gordon, MD, FACS

    “Latest Trends in Craniomaxillofacial Surgery”
    By Haithem Musaab Elhadi, MD, DMD