Cincinnati Surgical Mission to Sudan 2016


The CCHMC team stayed in Khartoum for six days, February  21 to the 27, 2016.

In 2016 at the request of the local surgeons the SAMA/CCHMC surgical team focused on complicated cases that required highly specialized expertise. Most cases were very difficult cases that would generally seek care overseas.

Visiting Team:


  • Kevin Yakuboff  MD,FACS, FAAPS
  • Haithem Elhadi Babiker MD,DMD, FAAP


  • Joseph Previte  MD, FAAP
  • Mohamed Mahmoud MD, FAAP


  • Kim Beutel, CRNA
  • Carla Gloss, RN
  • Stacey Ruth, CNP

Surgeries were performed at both Soba Hospital and Khartoum Dental Teaching Hospital. The team performed a total of 33 surgeries (combined hand cases and craniofacial cases).

  1. Hand Surgeries: A  total of 16 cases including rare congenital hand surgeries, burn scar contractures, Brachial Plexus Birth Palsies and neglected fractures. All surgeries were performed at Soba Hospital.
  2. Craniofacial cases. A total of 17 surgeries. Including cleft lip, cleft palate, distraction case, Bone grafting, and complicated facial reconstruction cases. 12 cases at Soba and 5 cases at KDTH. Three of the surgeries were done using the bone graft trays which were subsequently donated.

Educational component:

Dr. Haithem Elhadi Babiker
1- Bone grafting Seminar, KDTH.
2- Overview of orthognathic surgery with case discussion, Police Club.

Professor Kevin Yakubo
1- Birth palsy at the Police Club to the OGSS society.
2- Overview of congenital hand anomalies and hand burn reconstruction. Alsalam Rotana Hotel.

Professor Kevin Yakubo
Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud
1- Pediatric Airway at the Anesthesia Society.


Dr. Haithem Elhadi Babiker
The use of the bone graft harvester.

Dr. Mahmoud, Dr. Previte and Kimberly Beutel.
 Fiberoptic and difficult airway to the anesthesia staff at SETEC. Attended by 35 registrars and junior attendings.

All the surgeries were performed on very poor people, from remote areas with no access to care.
Patients referred by SUH and KDHT surgeons for expert consultations were seen on daily basis.


The team provided $5000 worth of consumables and donated surgical equipment( valued at $1,500).

Surgical Equipment donated:
2 bone graft trays donated by SAMA  to SUH and KDTH.
Anesthesia device for difficult airway (Shikani) donated by a US hospital to KDTH.


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SAMA/CCHM February 2016

Watch the video below to find out more about the great work done by the CCHM team in 2016!