SAMA COVID-19 Response

SAMA has launched COVID-19 Response to distribute medical supplies and consumables including PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to hospitals in Sudan.  After the arrival of its’ second 40-foot container in Khartoum, and in partnership with the Ministry of Health, SAMA Sudan Office distributed medical supplies to Khartoum State Hospitals and other public hospitals and medical centers.




Distribution report to date:
started Saturday, March 14th, 2020

Khartoum City Hospitals:

  1. Tertiary
    1. Shaab Teaching Hospital
    2. Gabra Hospital (Covid19 Isolation Center)
    3. Ibrahim Malik Teaching Hospital
    4. Radiation & Isotope Centre Khartoum – Cancer  Hospital – “Alzarra”
    5. Khartoum Dental Teaching Hospital
    6. Soba University Hospital
    7. Gaffer Ibnouf Children Hospital
  2. Peripheral
    1. Gabal Awalia Hospital
    2. Turkish Teaching Hospital

Omdurman Hospitals: 

  1. Tertiary
    1. Omdurman Maternity Hospital – Aldayat
    2. Omdurman Teaching Hospital
    3. Omdurman Children Hospital – Mohamed Elamin Hamid Hospital
  2. Peripheral
    1. Alnaw Hospital
    2. Albolok Children Hospital
    3. Ombadda  Hospital
    4. Alrajhi Hospital

Khartoum North – Bahri Hospitals

  1. Tertiary  – Bahri Teaching Hospital – Khartoum Bahri
  2. Peripheral
    1. Haj Alsafi Hospital
    2. Albanjadeed Hospital
    3. Omdoban Hospital

Gezira State Hospitals: 

  1. Tertiary – Medani Heart Hospital
  2. Peripheral – Hassaheisa Hospital


SAMA Medical Supplies Program

SAMA has established Medical Supplies Program in 2018 through which SAMA imports 40-foot container from the United States. The medical supplies are predominantly sterile, high quality, medical consumable supplies, in addition to durable, nonelectric medical equipment. The beneficiaries are Patients in government hospitals, disabled children and young adults, patients with chronic medical conditions (e.g. Children with Diabetes Mellitus), & Village Midwives. SAMA handles all the logistics of clearance, storage, and distribution in Sudan; ensuring that your donations fall into the right hands.

SAMA is working with partners to ship a 40-foot Container#3 from the USA to Sudan

SAMA is raising $15,000 to cover the shipping cost of Container#3

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