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Covid 19 Response

Container #2

Container #2 was shipped in 2019 but arrived in mid-March 2020 just as the COVID-19 pandemic hit Sudan. SAMA was the first organization with medical supplies and PPE ready to distribute in Sudan. In coordination with the Khartoum State Ministry of Health & the Federal Ministry of Health,, SAMA distributed PPE and respiratory supplies to over 20 hospitals in Khartoum State in addition to Wad Medani Heart Center in Gezira State and other state hospitals.

Container #3

Container #3 was funded by the coalition of Sudanese organizations against COVID-19 and distributed in Sudan by Sadagaat Charity Organization

Container #4

Container #4 was procured in partnership with the Sudanese Doctors Union of Ireland. The value of the supplies was $355,424.52.  Container #4 arrived at SAMA premises on the 28th of November 2020. With the help of SAMA volunteers, more than 1,400 boxes were categorized and arranged within the office space. Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) was distributed to eight COVID-19 isolation centers within Khartoum State.