• Training has a specific entry point and exit point, with the vast majority of trainees completing their training, and gaining certification (American Board) as independent medical practitioners.
  • Relatively shorter duration of training when compared to Europe.
  • Becoming American Board certified guarantees favourable employment inside and outside the USA.
  • American Board certified physicians generally have high incomes in the USA, in contast to trainees.
  • Visa to the United States is the major hurdle for those who hold Sudanese passports.
  • The process of gaining ECFMG (the body that accredits IMGs for GME) accreditation is time consuming, expensive and exhausting. It involves 3 exams, 1 of which has to be in the USA. It also requires verification of Medical School degree which requires communication with the home Medical School; this can take a long time.
  • Lower match rates for IMGs compared to AMGs
  • In 2009, 7,484 IMGs applied for the match in all specialities, 42% got a position, the remaining 58% did not match. These 7,484 are the ones who had ECFMG accreditation at the time of the match i.e. “Active”. Follow this link for more details
  • This is compared to 93% for US medical students, and 47.8% for US IMGs (have a US passport but graduated outside the USA)
  • US trainee doctors work very long hours 80/week, almost double that worked by UK trainee doctors.
  • US trainee’s salary is almost half of that of a UK trainee.