SAMA Donations from FirstHealth Hospital System reach Wad Medani Obstetrics and Gynecology Teaching Hospital Gezira State, Sudan

SAMA has developed a partnership with the University of Gezira to reduce maternal death from bleeding after birth. This partnership led to the training of 163 midwives in Gezira state in competencies to combat bleeding after birth.

An additional component of that program is providing much needed humanitarian aid to the hospitals in Gezira State that treat women with postpartum hemorrhage.
Firsthealth Hospital Systems in North Carolina donated surgical instruments to SAMA, special thanks to Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim, Consultant in OBYGN, Chairperson, SAMA Humanitarian Committee.


The instruments were packed in SAMA Storage spacein Dubuque, IA.We are thrilled that they were successfully delivered to Wad Medani Obstetrics and Gynceology Teaching Hospital (WMOGTH).



From left to right, Professor Mohamed Elsanousi, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University of Gezira, Consultant in OBGYN, WMOGTH; Professor Sayed Mohamed Ahmed, University of Gezira, Consultant in OBGYN, WMOGTH; Dr. Mohamed Idris, Deputy Director, WMTHOG, Consultant in OBGYN, WMOGTH.