SAMA has committed to providing the highest level of medical services to those in need through humanitarian inititaves.

1- SAMA/CCHMC Annual Surgical Mission
A surgical team from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center led by Dr. Haithem Elhadi, visits Sudan annually to perform complicated reconstructive and maxillofacial surgies at Khartoum Dental Teaching Hospital and Soba University Hospital.

2- SAMA Maternal Health Program

SAMA’s MHI led by Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim, OBS/GYN First Health Memorial Hospital North Carolina

In efforts to combat maternal death and improve brith outcome SAMA has:

a- Established HMS-BAB midwifery training program

b- Diagnosis of Cervical Cancer training program

c- Establishing critical care services at Wad Medani Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital

3- Rheumatic Heart Disease

In collaboration with Sudanese Children’s Heart Society  the RHD program is screening school children for rheumatic heart disease using hand held echo devices donated by SAMA. Over 6,000 children have been screened as of March 2017.

4- Mycetoma Initiative

In partnership with Mycetoma Research Center, University of Khartoum, SAMA is providing the MRC surgical tools and supplies for the mycetoma surgical mobile clinic and sponsoring students to visit Sudan.

5- Provision of medical equipment

  • Echocardiography machine to Shaab Teaching Hospital
  • 120 Cubarthims for Alnour Institute for the visually impaired