Heart Hospitals

Wad Medani Heart Hospital – 2020

Ahmed Gasim Teaching Hospital

In 2017, SAMA donated a mitral valve retractor (Genesee Biomedical, Denver, CO, USA, $7995 cost) to Ahmed Gasim Hospital. This device gives the cardiothoracic surgeon better visualization of the mitral valve and enables them to perform mitral valve repair (which is superior to mitral valve replacement in select patients.

Shaab Teaching Hospital

An Echocardiography machine performs ultrasound examinations of the heart to diagnose heart disease and is considered the cornerstone of modern cardiology practice.
In September 2014, SAMA received a donated echocardiography machine ($17,000) value from Detroit Medical Center’s Heart Hospital. SAMA purchased an additional imaging phased array probe ($1400) and conducted an independent evaluation to confirm the quality of the donated echocardiography machine. The machine was then stored pending the OFAC license then packed and shipped to Shaab Teaching Hospital in Khartoum, Sudan.