Visually Impaired


In September 2015, SAMA was approached to donate 130 Cubarithms to Glimmer of Hope, a local nonprofit organization that works closely with Alnour Institute for the Visually Impaired in Khartoum Bahri. Alnour Institute is run by the Ministry of Education and is the main public teaching facility for Visually Impaired children. It is home to 120 students at the elementary school level
            Cubarithms are educational tools used by the visually impaired to learn basic arithmetic; the main vendor was located in the United States.
           Subsequently, global fundraising ensued and $6115 was raised in less than one week. The vendor was contacted and the cubarithms were delivered to Alnour Institute.

composed of a 16×16 plastic board, and small “cubes”; the cubarithm is a tool that the visually impaired use to learn arithmetic. Each cube may be a number or a symbol that the visually impaired student can feel

Mr. Bushra, the main teacher in Alnour Institute demonstrates the use of the Cubarithms