Helping Mothers Survive


Postpartum hemorrhage & Pre-eclampsia are the leading causes of maternal mortality worldwide. With over 75% of births occurring at home by community midwives in Sudan, it’s imperative to ensure that the midwife is equipped to identify the signs and manage cases of postpartum hemorrhage and Pre-eclampsia to reduce maternal mortality in rural communities.


jhpiego, a large nonprofit organization affiliated with Johns Hopkins University, has developed training modules for community midwives: Helping Mothers Survive-Bleeding After Birth module (HMS-BAB), & HMS-Preeclampsia and eclampsia (HMS-PEE). In partnership with the Obstetrical & Gynaecological Society of Sudan and the University of Gezira, SAMA:


●     Translated the modules to Arabic

●     Trained 1,471 community midwives and 161 master trainers on HMS-BAB

●     Trained 777 community midwives and 137 master trainers on HMS-PEE

●     Delivered over 2,000 clean birth kits to community midwives

Geographical Distribution of Midwives trained