Patients with acute cardiac emergencies in Sudan present to Emergency rooms which are staffed by junior physicians; who are undertrained, under-supervised, and work under exceptionally harsh conditions. A common recurrent scenario is that of a patient who presents with an acute ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction that is diagnosed by an ECG and treated with a life-saving medication – Streptokinase – which are both available to the junior physician. However, due to a lack of ECG interpretation skills, the junior physician does not administer the treatment in a timely manner resulting in patient death (either acutely or in the form of a shortened lifespan). 


Train Frontline physicians to:

  1. Diagnose and treat Acute Cardiac Emergencies
    1. Maximally utilize limited available resources
    2. Reduce Cost of Care
    3. Potentially Save Lives
  2. Improve ECG Interpretation Skills
  3. Improve Presentation Skills

Subject Matter Experts

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Activity Flow

  1. Subject Matter Expert Didactic – 20mins
  2. Case Presentation by Participant – 20mins
  3. Discussion – 40mins

Asynchronous Learning

  1. Pre-test/Questions before every activity
  2. Slides of Presentations after every activity
  3. Final Post-test


From ProjectECHO – University of New Mexico

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Facilitator: Khalid Ahmed Khidir Osman, MBBS

Coordinator: Ali Siefeldin Ibrahim Mohamed, MBBS

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