About ProjectECHO:

Project ECHO is a revolutionary guided-practice model that reduces health disparities in under-served and remote areas. Through innovative telementoring, the ECHO model uses a hub-and-spoke knowledge-sharing approach where expert teams lead virtual clinics, amplifying the capacity for providers to deliver best-in-practice care to the underserved in their own communities. 

ProjectECHO-Ibrahim Malik Teaching Hospital:

SAMA has signed a partnership agreement with Ibrahim Malik Teaching Hospital to build its capacity as a Learning Site and then a Hub for ProjectECHO Activities. 


Project ECHO Activities in Ibrahim Malik Teaching Hospital

Frontline Course

trains Junior Physicians how to diagnose and treat Acute Medical Emergencies

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Dialysis Course

trains Dialysis staff to better care for Dialysis patients

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Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Course

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