Rufaa’s First Immediate Life Support Course – November 21st 2015

Collaborative Effort of University of Albutana, Soba Education, Training & Examinations Center (SETEC), Bit Abusin Voluntary Organization, Sudanese American Medical Association

Trainees – 18 Junior Physicians from Rufaa Area
Trainers – 8 Certified ILS Instructors from Soba Education, Training & Examinations Center (SETEC)


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Rufaa’s First Basic Life Support Course – April 2015


  • 26 Junior Physicians from Rufaa & Hassaheisa
  • 20 from Rufaa’s Medical Centers (Rufaa Teaching Hospital & Rufaa Dialysis Unit)
  • 6 from Hasa Heisa Teaching Hospital (across the Blue Nile from Rufaa)

Trainers – Certified BLS Instructors from Soba Education, Training & Examinations Center (SETEC)
Competencies taught and tested:

  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation – CPR – technique
  • Using Automated External Defibrillator – AED
  • Using Bag & Valve Mask

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SAMA & SETEC Visit to Albutana University in Rufa’a

As part of its strategy to develop Education and Training outside Khartoum, SAMA has teamed up with Soba Education, Training & Examination Center (SETEC) to deliver Education and Training to medical and nursing professionals in Rufa’a. Below are the details of the site visit to Albutana University by the leadership of SAMA & SETEC

About Rufaa;

Rufa’a is located on the Eastern Bank of the Blue Nile, 140 km South of Khartoum, 50 km North of Medani. Rufa’s is known for being the home of the first elementary school for girls in Sudan; established by Babiker Badri in 1907.

Visit to Albutana University

  • Albutana University is composed of the following colleges:
  • Education (Rufa’a), established in 2001 as a branch of Gezira University
  • Economics & Administration (Alhilalia), both established in 2003 as a branch of Gezira University
  • Veterinary Medicine (Tamboul), established in 2005, as a branch of Gezira University
  • Agriculture (Abuharaz)
  • Medicine (Rufa’a) – currently enrolling first year students

Top Row; From left to right, Ustaz Anwar Atta Almanan, Butana Univeristy, Dr. Ihab Tarawa (ICU), Deputy Director General, Soba University Hospital, Head of SETEC, Ustaz Anwar Eissa Ahmed Rashid, Vice Chancellor, Albutana University, Dr. Salah Abusin (Interventional Cardiology), Vice President, Sudanese American Medical Association, Dr. Hasan Ali Musa (Laparoscopic surgery), Dean of Medicine, Butana University, Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Abdulrahman (OBGYN), Director General, Rufaa Teaching Hospital
Bottom Row: Dr. Ahmed Abusalab (Anesthesiology), Nilein University & SETEC, Ahmed Mohamed Elshayeb, Butana University, Fatima Hamad Abusin, Bint Abusin Charity Organization, Dr. Ibrahim Elshiri (OBGYN), Vice Dean of Medicine, Butana University