To foster and nurture young Sudanese Americans who are interested in seeking professional careers in the fields of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and other healthcare sciences. The club’s mission is to provide a platform for young prospective healthcare professionals to network and collaborate. SAMA junior club is dedicated to improve its member’s education, leadership skills and promote activism and community service.



  •  We are currently looking for volunteers to help with SAMA Juniors’ Programs including Entrance Exams assistance (MCAT, PCAT, DAT, OAT, USMLE STEPS, NDB, etc.)



Training and Professional Development

  • Provide counseling and mentorship for candidates pursuing careers in healthcare services: This is a very general advising service to introduce careers in healthcare services and help those interested navigate the pathway to those professional careers.
  • Provide clinical exposure opportunities for juniors through externship, observership and research trainee positions.
  • Provide tutoring programs: this will be for local chapters to coordinate


  • Research Opportunities
  • Provide mentorship and assistance with writing skills including: case reviews, poster presentation and review articles.


Members of SAMA Juniors’ club are encouraged to participate in community service programs as “SAMA Ambassadors” in various activities including:

  • Representation at SAMA local chapters
  • Participate in SAMA Annual General Meeting
  • Contribute in volunteer work, community outreach and medical missions in the US and Sudan
  • Participate in fundraising events planning and logistics

Please join SAMA membership if you haven’t already – I’s free for you!


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