Ahmed Hashim

Engineer, Texas Instruments, Phoenix, AZ


Ahmed Hashim is a Design Engineering Manager and Member of Technical Staff at Texas Instruments Inc. He graduated from Comboni College Khartoum in 1995 and then pursued his B.S. in Electrical Engineering at Northern Arizona University and his M.S. in Engineering at Arizona State University.

Engineer Ahmed Hashim has shown outstanding volunteer commitment to SAMA’s activities since 2012. Ahmed has single handedly revolutionized SAMA’s media work in 2015 & 2016. He has spent more than 70 hours in 2015 editing SAMA videos to enhance the quality of the final product. Ahmed has set an example for how non-medical professionals can benefit SAMA with their expertise not only by promoting SAMA Humanitarian projects in Sudan, with his provision of unlimited top-class media production services, but also by providing exceptional documentation during SAMA Annual General Meetings (Photography at AGM 2012; Photography and Videography at SAMA AGM 2015 & 2016). He was a well-deserved recipient of SAMA’s Humanitarian award at the SAMA 2016 Annual General Meeting. The award was in recognition of his unlimited volunteer contributions to SAMA humanitarian programs.