1. Dr. Mohamed Elamin Memorial Lecture and Award. February 15, 2016



  • The late Dr. Mohamed Elamin Awad graduated from University of Khartoum in 1995. He was a consultant Nephrologist at Dr. Salma Center for Kidney Diseases and Head of the Nephrology and Transplantation Unit, Ibn Sina Hospital, Khartoum, Sudan. He was the past President-elect of the Sudanese Nephrology Society. He greatly contributed to the training and education in Nephrology in Sudan. He was recognized with many honors and awards locally and internationally.

SAMA commits to sponsor annual Lectureship and Award in honor of Dr. Mohamed Elamin legacy. The Award will be given to one of the graduating Renal Fellows for his/her cumulative excellence and dedication during the fellowship training. The candidate is to be chosen by the Renal Specialty Council of the Sudan Board for Medical Specialization (SMSB).

  • The 2016 event took place at Alsalam Rotana Hotel in collaboration with Sudan Association of Physicians and Sudanese Nephrology Society (SNS), and was cosponsored by Novartis
  • It was attended by about 110; nephrologists, cardiologists, trainees, and Mohamed’s family (mother, sister and children)
  • A tribute to Mohamed Elamin was given by Elwaleed, highlighting his role to bolster SAMA – SNS collaboration, and establish SAMA Renal educational activities in Sudan.
  • The Award was presented to Dr. Habiballa Hago for his outstanding renal fellowship performance and his commitment to work in Gezira Renal Center.
  • The evening ended with a heartfelt speech by Mohamed’s mother who thanked SAMA and all friends and colleagues for the initiative


Habiballa Hago, MD, the awardee in the middle. From left to right: Drs Hatim Hassan, Yaseen Abdelhai, Profs Abdelrahman Musa, Abdelwahab Elidrissi, Hasan Abu-Aisha, Dr Abubaker Abdelwahab, Prof Babiker Kaballo and Dr Elwaleed Elhassan.

  • A state of the art lecture on “Disorders of Sodium and Water Balance” was given by Hatim Hassan, MD, PhD.



2. SAMA Renal Review and Update Course-I  July 17-22, 2016

  • This took place in the Doctors’ Union Hall in Khartoum and partially sponsored by Novartis.
  • It was attended by 50 trainees, including all adult and pediatric renal fellows who were mandated by the SMSB to attend it. It was also attended by several professors who contributed to the discussions.
  • Local faculty involvement was crucial to the success of the event. They contributed by giving an invaluable local perspective, and efficiently organized the event.



Professor Hasan Abu Aisha giving a comment following Dr Hatim Hassan’s talks on renal physiology



Professor Babiker Kaballo Chair of Renal Specialty Council of the Sudan Medical Specialization Board giving a talk on Lupus Nephritis, a Sudanese perspective


Dr Abubakr Abdelwahab, convener of the renal specialty council (first from right), Dr Ashraf Madani, visiting US faculty (third from right), Dr Rashid Ellider, pediatric nephrologist and Sudan faculty (fourth from right) with some attendees



Dr Rashid Ellider, pediatric nephrologist and Sudan faculty (third from right), Dr Mohamed Abdelraheem, pediatric nephrologist and visiting faculty (fifth from right), Dr Abubakr Abdelwahab, convener of the renal specialty council (first from left), with some attendees



Dr. Hatim Hassan, visiting US faculty receiving a token of appreciation from professor Kaballo and professor Abdelwahab Elidrissi, a senior pediatric nephrologist. Also seen Dr Abubaker Abdelwahab.

3. Gezira Center for Nephrology and Urology Visit. July 20, 2016

  • The goal of establishing connection to facilitate future SAMA renal work in Gezira.
  • A tour was made in the center with Dr Hago, the chief nephrologist, to its dialysis center, wards and ICU. It is a unique integrated center, extremely busy serving a large population, and a major training hub. It is expanding with a new building for transplantation. However, transplant is currently on hold due to technical and logistic reasons. Among the challenges is brain drain and lack of basic renal nursing education to its staff. SAMA is committed to provide help with staff training and facilitating collaboration with ISN.

  Lecture in the University of Gezira. July 20, 2016

  • An update on Hypertension talk was given in the Community Medicine Lecture Hall.
  • The talk was attended by about 100 physicians and medical students, and was well received.
  • It was preceded by a welcome from the leadership of the faculty of Medicine who appreciated SAMA and expressed keenness and commitment to develop further collaborative work in all specialties.


Professor Othman Taha, the ex-dean of the faculty of Medicine introducing Dr Elwaleed Elhassan

4.  Sponsorship of Renal Pathologist from Soba. August, 2016

  • SAMA sponsored travel of Dr. Salwa Mekki, the senior renal histopathologist at Soba University Hospital and associate Professor, Elneelain University
  • Salwa Mekki graduated from the University of Khartoum, and completed training in Pathology in Sudan, in addition to a Master’s Degree in Histopathology from Malaysia.
  • Soba Hospital has a successful Pediatric Kidney Transplantation Program (and the only one in Sudan). Soba Hospital lack facilities and training in immune-fluorescence and histochemisty, an essential tool in diagnosis and treatment of post-transplant complications. Soba University Hospital is working to secure the necessary equipment for that service.
  • Salwa had successfully applied to the International Society of Nephrology to get advanced training in Immunohistochemistry at Johns Hopkins University for 4 weeks. SAMA partly sponsored this scholarship (with Soba University Hospital and the International Society for Nephrology).
  • After completing her training, and together with the equipment, Soba Hospital will be the first and only provider of this service in the public sector.
  • On August 20, 2016 and at SAMA Reception in Arlington Mills Community Center in Virginia, Dr. Mekki presented a talk. She spoke about renal transplant diagnostic services in Sudan and the gaps in knowledge and expertise. She highlighted the impact of her training at Johns Hopkins University on delivering optimum patient care in Sudan.

5.  SAMA Renal Review and Update Course-II December 13-16, 2016

  • This took place in the Doctors’ Union Hall in Khartoum.
  • It was attended by 133 trainees, including adult and pediatric renal fellows, registrars and medical officers.
  • It was delivered by international faculty from SAMA and local faculty, and the attendees’ satisfaction was high. Certificates of Attendance displaying the ISN, SAMA, SMSB and SNS logos were handed out to participants.

Some of the Course Faculty. From left to right Dr Wael Hussein, Senior Clinical Lecturer and Consultant Nephrologist, University Hospital Limerick, Ireland, Hisham Abdelwahab, Consultant Nephrologist, Royal Care Hospital, Khartoum, Dr Elwaleed Elnagar, Senior Nephrology fellow, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA, and Dr Abubakr Abdalwahab, Consultant Nephrologist and Convener, Renal Specialty Council, The Sudan Medical Specialization Board.

Some of the Course Faculty. Second from left Dr Mohamed Fadl Elnour, Senior Nephrologist, Pinnacle Health Hospitals, Pennsylvania, USA, Dr Arif Mutwali, Consultant Nephrologist, Letterkenny and Sligo Hospitals, Ireland, and Dr Babiker Kaballo, Consultant Nephrologist, and President of the Sudanese Nephrology Society

Attendees with some of the Course Faculty. In the middle Dr Mohamed Fadl Elnour, Senior Nephrologist, Pinnacle Health Hospitals, Pennsylvania, USA, to his right Dr Elwaleed Elnagar, Senior Nephrology fellow, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA, and to his left Dr Elmonttasir Uthman, Consultant Nephrologist, National Guard Health Affairs. Medical Director, Hemodialysis Center-North Riyadh. Saudi Arabia

The pediatric nephrology group. Some attendees with Dr Rashid Ellidir, Consultant and Faculty of Soba University Hospital seen second from right, Dr Abubakr Abdulwahab, Convener of Sudan Renal Fellowship Specialty, Dr Abubakr Imam, Chief Pediatric Nephrologist of Hamad Medical Center in Doha. Also seen Dr Awadalla Hassan Sidahmed, Pediatric Nephrologist from Omdurman Hospital with a turban on the back row.