(September 24-27, 2017. Khartoum, Sudan)

Dr. Mohamed Elamin Awad Memorial Lecture:

Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease (ADPKD)

Dr. Elwaleed Elhassan, Director, SAMA Nephrology Program

Dr. Mohamed Elamin Awad Memorial Award 2017

The 2017 awardee was Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim Eisa Mohamed (center) who was selected based on his demonstrated perseverance and outstanding academic performance during fellowship training. He is seen standing between Dr. BushraIbnauf (left), Director of SAM A Sudan Office, and Dr. Elwaleed Elhassan (right), Director of SAMA Nephrology Programs.

ISN Sister Renal Program (Sudan – Brazil)

This program brings distinguished faculty from Brazil to establish collaboration between Dr. Salma Renal Center, Sudan peritoneal dialysis, Soba University Hospital and Pontificia Universida de Catolica do Parana in Brazil, with the aim of establishing educational, training and research collaboration to enhance the quality of kidney care.

Major Objective

To establish sustainable collaboration between Brazil and Sudan to improve the care of kidney disease patients.


The visit took place between Saturday 24/9 and Tuesday 27/9/2017 in the following venues:

  • Soba University Hospital, and Dr. Salma Renal Center.
  • Sudan Medical Specialization Board.
  • Sudan National PD Program Headquarters.

Visiting Team

  • Roberto Pecoits-Filho, MD, PhD, FASN, FACP Professor of Nephrology Catholic University of Parana, Brazil.
  • Viviane Calice da Silva, MD, PhD Nephrologist Pro-Rim Foundation, Joinville, Brazil.
  • Ana Elizabeth Figueiredo, RN, PhD Associate Professor of Nursing PontifíciaUniversidade
Católica do Rio Grande do Sul.


Elwaleed Elhassan FASN, FACP. SAMA Renal Programs Director

Rashid Ellidir, MBBS, MD. Assistant Professor at Dept. Of Pediatrics & Child Health, University of Elneelain, Consultant Pediatric Nephrologist Soba University Hospital, Director, Noura Center for Kidney Disease & Renal Transplantation, Pediatric MD training coordinator –Soba Hospital, 
Ped. Neph-CMSA (South Africa), Ped. Neph-SMSB (Sudan), IPNA Fellowship (South Africa).

Sara Elsir, MBBS, MD, Adult Nephrologist.

Sudan National PD Program Training

A live demonstration of PD insertion into a patient was conducted by the visiting team to train Sudanese nephrologists


A total of 107 attendees: 8 nephrologists, 20 nephrology fellows, 2 medical specialists, 4 registrars, 15 residents and 58nurses from various local hospitals.


(December 16-20, 2017. Khartoum, Sudan)

SAMA Renal Review and Update Course-III

In Collaboration with the Sudanese Medical Specialization Board and the Sudanese Nephrology Society

Endorsed by the International Society of Nephrology.

Learning Objectives :

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the differential diagnosis of complex clinical presentations of patient with discussed renal disorders.
  • Identify/integrate current therapeutic options for discussed renal disorders.
  • Review and interpret up-to-date literature relevant to clinical practice.
  • Describe and understand pathophysiological mechanisms as they apply to management of discussed renal disorders.

Faculty :

  • Mohamed FadlElnour, MD, FACP. Co-Director, Renal Services. Pinnacle Health Systems. Pennsylvania, USA.
  • Abubakr A. Imam, MD, FAAP. Senior Consultant. Section of Nephrology. Department of Pediatrics. Hamad Medical Corporation. Doha, Qatar.
  • Mubarak Abdalla, MD. Consultant Nephrologist, National Guard Health Affairs. King Abdul Aziz Medical City. Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • ArifMurwali MSc MPH FRCPI. Senior Consultant Nephrologist. Section of Nephrology. Hamad Medical Corporation. Doha, Qatar.
  • Elmonttasir M. Uthman, MD, ABIM Diplomate. Consultant Nephrologist, National Guard Health Affairs. King Abdul Aziz Medical City. Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Prof Tigani Ahmed. Pediatric Nephrologist. Faculty of Medicine, University of Khartoum 
  • Rashid Ellider, MD. Pediatric Nephrologist. Nora Center for Kidney Disease for Children. Soba University 
  • Awadalla Hassan, MD. Pediatric Nephrologist. Omdurman Teaching Hospital, Sudan 
  • YassirMahgob, MD. Pediatric Nephrologist, Noura Children’s Center for Kidney Diseases .
  • Dr Dina Bashir MD. Consultant Nephrologist, Sudan 
  • AbubakrAbdalwahab M. Alhassen Ahmed, MBBS, M.D., MSc Nephrology 
Convener of the Renal Specialty Council, the Sudan Medical Specialization Board.

Course Directors:

  • Elwaleed Elhassan MD. FACP. FASN
Renal Programs Director. The Sudanese American Medical Association (SAMA).
  • Dr. AbubakrAbdalwahab M. Alhassen Ahmed, MBBS (U of K), M.D Internal Medicine (SMSB) MSc Nephrology (ASU).