For more information please visit ERAS & ECFMG

  • Buy the token
    Get into your ECFMG account and go to the ERAS support section and buy the token when it is available, that is approximately in July.
  • Go to the ERAS website and obtain your accountUsing the token; go to the ERAS website to obtain your account in ERAS and get your ACGME number. Then, start filling out your application form, CV and personal statement.
  • Send your documents to ECFMG
    Your exams results will be automatically sent to the programs you are applying to.
    However, the other documents (medical school transcript and dean’s letter) need to be sent by mail to ECFMG, who will then upload them to your account and make them available to those programs you are applying to.
    Your LORs will be directly uploaded to ERAS, by your LOR writer if you waived your right to see the letter or by you if you choice to see your LOR. Please make sure that you contact your LOR writer 1 or 2 months ahead, as uploading the letter might take 2 to 4 weeks.
    To get these documents uploaded and ready to be used by September 15th; you need to send these documents to ECFMG by August 15th.
  • Select the Programs you are going to apply to
    Start the process of knowing which programs you are going to apply to starting July.
    To obtain a list of programs, visit Freida, use the IMG friendly lists on SAMA website, ask your colleagues etc.
    Write them down in your ERAS account and assign the needed documents to them, as to make them ready for September 15th (at that time all what you need to do is click to apply).
  • Apply to the Programs
    Just click to apply to the programs you want to apply to (since you have them ready in your ERAS account by that time), and wait for interviews.
  • Confirm that the programs received your documents
    By following through your ERAS account.
  • Check your email and ERAS account for interviews
    Choose the date for interview from the list provided by the program that offers you the interview.
  • Register & Participate in the NRMP (National Ranking Match Program) Match
    You will need to rank the programs (that interviewed you) in a list called the Rank Order List (it is something totally different from ERAS, which serves the process of applying to programs and provide them with your documents). Remember, early registration in NRMP means less registration fees (deadline for early registration is November 30th usually)
  • Submit the Rank Order List
    After your finish your interviews, then you will need to use the NRMP to rank those programs which give you interviews before the ranking deadline (which may be on February 24th or something like this)
  • Match Result
    Now just wait for the result of the match which appears in March 14th (now you will be informed whether you get matched or not), 3 days later you will be informed in which program you have matched.