1. Suggested structure
    • Medical school:
    • Mention the name of your medical school, where it is located etc.
    • mention if you won any prizes,
    • extracurricular activities: e.g. student union, interest groups, student societies.
    • voluntary/charity work: involvement in charity work including health fairs, one day clinics, Longitudinal community development projects.
    • Postgraduate experience outside USA: briefly talk about what you did, and where you did it
    • Research: briefly, conference abstracts, peer reviewed publications, and your role in them
    • Teaching experience. Briefly.
    • US clinical experience: briefly. if you did Observership, where you did it, who you did it with, and what you learnt from it.
    • Why you chose this speciality
    • Where you see yourself in a few years.
  2. Content
    1. Things to avoid
      • Avoid Repetition
      • Avoid Emotional stories about why you went into medical school
      • Avoid negative comments about your undergraduate training in Sudan, or postgraduate training outside USA, reflects badly on you.
      • Avoid making fellowship the focus of your applications, you can mention it, but don’t stress it.
      • Avoid talking about how your family helped you during your medical training. It is irrelevant.
      • Mentioning specific aspects which are not a feature of the program i.e. diverse population in a program whose patient population are only one demographic, or interest in research for a community program with little to no ongoing research.
      • Clichés: “I went to medical school because my family is all doctors”. Doesn’t say much about you.
    2. Things to highlight
      • Working under adverse conditions.
      • You can get the job done (multi talented can cover gaps in service functioning as social worker nurse etc)
      • Strong bedside examination skills due to resource poor environment
      • Team work give example.
  3. Presentation (Language and Grammar)
    • Keep it simple, avoid long words, and long sentences
    • Length 1 page on MS Word. (maximum 2 pages)
    • Avoid using too many adjectives.
    • Make sure 2 different people read your personal statement. Preferably who have more experience, and write better than you.
    • Repeatedly using the same word i.e. rewarding, intriguing, engaging etc..
    • Use MS word tools to correct spelling and grammar. Another useful tool is the thesaurus to replace adjectives with others.