SAMA’s goal is to positively contribute to the medical profession in Sudan by supporting the continuing medical education and enhancing of the medical knowledge of physicians.

Professional Development

SAMA strives to facilitate the exchange of medical information, promote and organize professional relationships between SAMA members and the medical institutions in North America and Sudan.


SAMA pursues all possible means to improve the health status of citizens in Sudan and North America. We encourage and provide medical aid through capacity building, collaborative partnerships and empowerment of local health programs.


Who we are

Sudanese American Medical Association “SAMA” is a non-profit, non-political, educational and humanitarian organization. Its members are medical professionals of Sudanese descent.

Vision and Mission Statement

Our vision is to advance medical knowledge, develop and maintain the highest professional and ethical standards of medical practice and health care through scientific, educational and charitable initiatives. SAMA is committed to promote and support the health and wellbeing of our community by delivering superb, sustainable and measurable medical services, education, training and capacity building.


Collaborative Performance with Excellence, Integrity and Professionalism. We promise to deliver all of our commitment to our people, members and donors, with the highest standards of transparency, ethics and compliance.

“We extend our hand to you, to join us in this noble endeavor. Help us bring smiles to the faces of innocent children in Sudan and heal more victims of curable ailments.We believe that by the grace of God, and our sincere collaborative efforts, we can have an impact on the lives of many people and leave behind a thumbprint on the page of medical practice in Sudan.”

SAMA Administration


Humanitarian Initiatives

  • Maternal Health Program
  • Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Mission
  • Heart Projects
  • Mycetoma Initiative

Educational Initiatives

  • Fundamentals of Critical Care Support Course(FCCS)
  • International Society of Nephrology
  • SAMA Scholarships

Membership Benefits

  • Kaplan Courses discount
  • Personal statement review
  • Research Trainee positions

Training Programs in Sudan

  • Dental Training
  • Cardiology Training
  • Pediatric Surgery Training
  • Rufaa & Collaboration with University of Albutana

Your final step in achievement is our first priority!


Engage with SAMA and become part of the team. Our goal is to provide endless opportunities and resources for you to play an active role in improving health services and advancing medical research and education. Get involved today!

SAMA, four letters, one community

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Our objective is to build and strengthen professional relations between SAMA members and colleagues in Sudan. Provide an opportunity to learn and teach between SAMA members and colleagues in Sudan. Identify potential areas of collaboration between SAMA and Sudanese academic institutions.

Medtronic pacemaker donation to Shaab Hospital



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