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On April 15th, 2023, civil war broke out in Khartoum and thousands of innocent civilians were killed and injured. SAMA launched a national humanitarian crisis response. Our strategy is forming consortiums of donor organizations (to raise funds) and implementing organizations (to perform the interventions) with SAMA facilitating the transfer of funds, medical supplies, and services. SAMA is committed to being accountable to donor organizations and transparency in reporting outcomes.

Latest Update

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Since April 15th, 2023, Our office in Khartoum has halted its operations and our full-time staff is sheltering in place till further notice.

We are working to support hospitals and health centers that continue to provide service in Khartoum.

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Wad Medani – Gezira State – Supporting Cancer Patients

On April 26th, Dr. Maab Saadabi was appointed to coordinate SAMA activities in Wad Medani. 

On May 15th, a Working Group to support Cancer patients was formed.

On May 25th, we partnered with the “We Are All Values” a non-profit organization in Wad Medani to feed 70 children living with cancer.

On May 26th, SAMA partnered with Hawadith Street – Wad Medani – شارع الحوادث – مدني – to directly serve Internally Displaced Patients.

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Rufaa – Gezira State

In Rufaa, SAMA is working with the Youth Revival Charitable Organization in serving the healthcare needs of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs).

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Dongola – Northern State

On May 4th, Mr. Musaab Salah Khidir was appointed to coordinate SAMA activities in Dongola.

On May 26th, SAMA partnered with Hawadith Street – Dongola – شارع الحوادث – دنقلا – to directly serve Internally Displaced Patients.

Port Sudan – Red Sea State

On May 20th, the Board of Directors appointed Dr. Safaa Merghani Awadallah to the position of interim Sudan Office Director. She leads SAMA’s Humanitarian Crisis Response from Port Sudan.

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