SAMA Internship Program


SAMA Internship is a 3-12 month internship experience.

Interns are paid a monthly stipend and have clear learning objectives. They meet regularly with supervisors who provide mentoring and training.


Director: Dr. Salaheldin Abusin

Selection/Review Committee: 

The Program

  • All Interns will be involved in Digital Marketing
  • All interns will work from home 
  • Additional roles 
    • Zoom Virtual Learning Sessions – Project ECHO
    • Moodle – Learning Management System

Skills Acquired from Internship (Learn by Doing)

  • Essential
    • Project Management Skills
    • Reporting of SAMA Projects
    • IT Skills
      • Zoom
      • Google Workspace (Calendar, Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Forms)
      • YouTube
      • Trello
    • Storytelling/Content Creation
    • Leadership skills
      •   Supervise volunteers in the digital marketing team
    • How to coordinate a virtual educational program- Project ECHO Coordinator 
    • How to moderate a virtual learning session – Project ECHO Facilitator 
  • Optional
    • Graphic Design

Intern Recruitment/Retention Process

Essential Selection Criteria

  • Ability to meet the requirements of the intern position outlined above 
  • Graduate of a relevant to the scope of the job description   
  • Less than 3 years from graduation from university/college  
  • Has a social media account (or willing to create one) to post from SAMA Social Media channels
    • the intern will post from the SAMA Social media account
    • For them to do so, they must have a social media account 
  • Lives and works in Cairo for the duration of the appointment 
  • Has access to reliable internet 
  • Has access to a computer with a functioning webcam and microphone/speaker

Desirable Criteria

  • Certification in English language competency e.g. OET, IETLS …

Start Date January 2nd, 2024

Duration 3-6 months 

Recruitment Process

  • Vacant positions are announced through the SAMA website, social media 
  • Interns may also be selected from the SAMA volunteer pool
  • The selection and Review committee reviews applications and selects the best fit for the position after a formal interview

Intern Evaluation/Retention Process: 

  • First Evaluation at one month: 
    • The intern will be evaluated at the end of the first month
    • If performs well, will continue in the position for a further 2 months
  • Second Evaluation at three months: 
    • The intern will be evaluated at the end of the 3 months 
    • If performs well, will continue in the position for a further 3 months
  • If the intern continues to perform well, they may be able to extend for a further 6 months to complete one year

Poor Performance

  • In the event of poor performance, interns can be relieved from their responsibilities at the end of the month. 
  • Examples include but are not limited to:
    • Code of Conduct Policy Breach
    • Confidentiality Policy Breach
    • Consistent inability to perform assigned tasks 
    • Showing up late for meetings, or not showing up  

Performance Evaluation, Letters of Recommendation 

  • Will be issued by the Executive Director on request based on performance after completing the internship. 

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