New Program Launch


  • Program
    • The Learning Activity, e.g. #FrontlineECHO
    • Weekly  (or bi-weekly) sessions of Interactive Learning with Subject Matter Experts internationally located, with case presentations by Learners
    • A session lasts 60-90 mins
    • Composed of
      • (<20min) didactic/lecture by subject matter expert 
      • <20min) case presentation by Learner 
      • For the remainder of the time interactive discussion between Learners and Subject Matter Experts  
  • Spoke(s)
    • Learners who actively participate in the program 
  • Hub:
    • Is the organization that runs an educational program
    • e.g. #FrontlineECHO and #DialysisECHO are run by SAMA Hub
  • Learning Site
    • Is the location where learners attend from in-person
    • e.g. Bushra Ibnauf Center for Learning in Port Sudan is a Learning Site for SAMA Hub
  • Director
    • The trainer who oversees the scientific content of the program & curriculum development
    • Expected to attend most sessions and be continuously available to the facilitator, coordinator, and subject matter experts
  • Subject Matter Expert
    • Experts in their fields who give the didactic/lecture and participate in the discussion
  • Facilitator
    • The person who moderates the learning sessions
    • Must attend 2.5-day immersion training
  • Coordinator
    • The person who coordinates the learning sessions
    • Must attend 2.5-day immersion training
  • Learning Site Organizer
    • Trainee/volunteer who coordinates at the Learning Site

First: Become a Learning Site

  1. Step 1: Provide the necessary Learning Space 
    • The recommended room should take no more than 15-20 participants to allow for interactive participation
  2. Step 2: Overcome Energy Challenges
    • In cases of unreliable electric supply from the National Grid, we recommend that Learning sites have a backup energy source
    • SAMA’s experience with a solar panel has been excellent
  3. Step 3: Overcome Internet Challenges
    • Have a speed of at least 3 Megabytes per second
  4. Step 4: Provide the needed audiovisual supplies
    • Webcam
    • Computer/laptop
    • Microphone
    • Speaker
    • LCD Screen (or projector) 

Organize a program under SAMA Hub

  1. Step 1: Become a Learning Site (see above) 
  2. Step 2: Complete a concept note (through the SAMA website) composed of:
    • Learning Objectives of Project ECHO Program
    • Target Audience
    • Start and End Dates
    • Frequency (weekly or every two weeks)
    • Time/Day (must use same time and day of week for all sessions)
    • Topics to be covered
    • Subject Matter Experts
    • Names of Team Members: Echo Lead, Facilitator, Coordinator
    • What does success look like
  3. Step 3: Sign a partnership agreement with SAMA – see table above
  4. Step 4: Identify and train spokes
  5. Step 5: Develop templates
  6. Step 6: Create a Banner, webpage 
  7. Step 7: Launch 

Concept Note

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.

Naming convention #FrontlineECHO, #DialysisECHO, #UoKECHO, #OMFSECHO,
What is the goal of your educational activity, why are you doing this, and how do you plan to achieve that goal, e.g. for frontline course it was train junior physicians to treat cardiac emergencies and learn how to interpret ECG.

Scheduling- Program Details

Biweekly is recommended
Less than 15 is recommended
Must match Number of sessions


Make sure that you they are interested/available to be part of this program; and that you have their permission; and are able to provide their whatsapp and email addresses. Facilitator & Coordinator are required to complete 3 days of immersion in SAMA Sudan Office to be part of this program.
This is the person in charge of the program

SME & Spoke Recruitment

Who will recruit the Subject Matter Experts?
All ECHO sessions require a presentation by a learner (i.e. spoke presentation); How do you plan on recruiting spokes to give the case presentations?

About You – person filling the form

e.g. +2499123456789