SAMA Winter Award Ceremony – 2024

Celebrating Dr. Isam Osman’s life and legacy

Welcome to the SAMA Winter Award Ceremony, an evening dedicated to celebrating the life and legacy of Dr. Isam Osman. This event honors Dr. Osman’s excellence in the field of surgery, his impactful mentorship and leadership, and his significant humanitarian contributions to Sudan.


December 21st 2024


Event Highlights

About Dr. Isam Osman

Dr. Isam Osman Award for the Outstanding Surgeon


Mohamed Osman

Mohamed Osman is Dr. Isam Osman’s surviving son. He will participate on behalf of the family.

Dr. Naeem Toosy

Dr. Toosy is an Emergency physician (FRCEM/CCT) and previous surgical trainee (FRCS(Ed)) with extensive experience in clinical, educational & leadership roles in the UK & UAE. He is a current instructor of ATLS & FCCS and a former ALS & APLS instructor.
He is involved with several organizations internationally including the Emirates Society of Emergency Medicine, the Pakistan Society of EM strategic committee, and the WHO-IFEM collaborative committee.
In addition to this particular role,he had a close personal friendship and professional association with the late Isam Osman with shared mutual admiration.
His current interests include resuscitation, trauma, and education particularly the use of simulation in training.

Dr. Abdelaziz Suliman

Dr. Omer Abdalla Marzoug Gomaa

Dr. Nahla Gadalla

Dr. Nahla Gadalla will talk about the history of SAMA missions to Sudan, and will reflect on Dr. Isam Osman’s Humanitarian Program in Sudan.

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