SAMA Donates Handheld Echo to Sudanese Children’s Heart Society

Rheumatic Heart Disease is a devastating acquired heart condition that claims the lives of thousands of children every year. A disease of poverty, it disproportionately affects children and young adults in poor communities. After Rheumatic Heart Disease destroys heart valves, the majority of patients require open heart surgery. This is very expensive heart surgery; not available to many patients. Early Detection is key to start therapy early and prevent progression to the severe form of the disease.

SAMA joins the World Heart Federation

As part of it’s goal in combating Rheumatic Heart Disease in Sudan, SAMA has successfully applied to join the World Heart Federation.The World Heart Federation is dedicated to leading the global fight against cardiovascular disease (CVD) – including heart disease and stroke – with a focus on low- and middle-income countries, via a united community of more than 200 member organizations. It aligns its efforts around the World Health Organization’s related target of reducing premature CVD mortality of 25% by 2025.
By joining the World Heart Federation, SAMA commits to saving more lives and reduce cardiovascular disease by 25% by 2025 (the 25 by 25 goal)!

Sudan Handheld Echo Study

The Sudanese Children’s Heart Society (with other partners – the Sudan Federal Ministry of Health & the Sudan Heart Society) aims to decrease the incidence of Acute Rheumatic Fever and Rheumatic Heart Disease (RHD) by 25% in those less than 25 years by the year 2025.This involves establishing screening programs for RHD for school children; & to conduct research that can have an impact on RHD control

The Study:
The Sudan Rheumatic Heart Disease Program is conducting a research study to assess the utility of Hand Held Echocardiography (HHE) in the screening for rheumatic heart disease compared to standard echocardiography.
A recent study in Uganda has shown that HHE had 98% sensitivity for detection of definite RHD.
Hand held Echocardiography uses hand held devices that are a fraction (33% of the cost) of the cost of the standard echocardiography. It is also much lighter and easier to use in remote settings where RHD is prevalent; and also saves time. It does not have all the features of standard echocardiography and should not be used for clinical purposes to diagnose heart disease.

The Need:                                                                                                                                                                                                      To conduct this study, and to use HHE for screening for RHD in Sudan. The Sudan RHD Program needs at least 2 of these HHE devices. They have managed to acquire one device and looking to acquire a second.
SAMA has raised $4850 & purchased the GE Vscan. The machine was delivered to Sudan Children Heart Society in December 2015.


Handheld Echo

Dr. Elwaleed Elhassan; SAMA Secretary General & Chair of SAMA’s Educational Committee presents the GE Vscan ($4850 value) to Prof. Sulfa Khalid Ali; Secretary General of the Sudanese Children Heart Society.