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About the Faculty of Medicine, University of Khartoum 

The Faculty of Medicine, University of Khartoum – FoMUoK (established in 1924 as Kitchener School of Medicine) is located in Khartoum, Sudan. It is the oldest medical school in Sudan. The annual intake of new students into the FoMUoK is about 350, and there are about 201 full-time staff, plus many part-time staff. It offers both undergraduate and postgraduate studies and has 14 academic departments

The Department of Internal Medicine is responsible for teaching its curriculum in the last 3 years of tuition; as well as operating outpatient and inpatient units in two busy academic and public hospitals. It has 23 full-time faculty members, 8 of which are full professors.

About SAMA’s Project ECHO 

In 2022, SAMA successfully launched Project ECHO Hubs & Learning Sites in Khartoum & Dongola with a grant from the University of New Mexico. SAMA also launched learning sites in Gadarif, Sudan & Mogadishu, Somalia; and completed FrontlineECHO, OMFSECHO, and DialysisECHO

FoMUoK has signed a partnership agreement with Global Echo & SAMA to launch a hub for learning activities at FoMUoK.


A series of sessions lasting 60-90 minutes to cover common medical conditions. 

Subject Matter Experts were recruited from across the globe, leveraging the University of Khartoum’s global reach.

Sessions will be available to all medical students and junior physicians to attend remotely.


  • April 6th to December 10th 2022
  • bi-weekly
  • 3 pm Central African time


22 Sessions

743 Learners

54 Subject Matter Experts

19 Countries


Dr. Bushra Ibnauf Sulieman

Khartoum, SUDAn

Subject Matter Experts & YouTube Playlists

Ethics and Professionalism



Cardiac Surgery







Learner Feedback

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