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Eid Al-Adha 2024

In this Eid, SAMA is raising $30,000 to provide Udhiya/Qurbani and secure daily meals for a thousand displaced people who are located in two centers in Port Sudan, Sudan. A donation of $215 will provide a sheep. A $100 share of a calf will feed 30-35 people in Sudan. ...

War in Sudan: Feeding the Hungry in Sinnar

On december 15th 2023, the war spread to Wad Medani in Gezira state. It is devastating for us to see our kindred who barely found a safe haven go through another round of death, destruction, and displacement. We are all hoping for this catastrophe to end now and that peace will prevail so we can rebuild our beloved homeland. It has been a long seven months, but we must stand together and find the strength to keep going. To that effect, we are raising funds to serve the internally displaced (IDPs) from Wad Medani.
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