Humanitarian Mission to Sudan


Why does this matter?

Global Expertise and Local Empowerment:

Securing and Utilizing Critical Supplies:

The mission has secured essential medical supplies from Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach in Springfield, IL, including endotracheal tubes, laryngoscope blades, and oxygen masks. In additional to life-saving medications from Americares. Dr. Yasir Hamad, a Critical Care US board certified specialist, will supervise the use of these supplies and train frontline staff in Sudan. This ensures that the materials are used effectively, directly addressing the urgent needs of patients and saving lives immediately.

Community and Global Support:

The mission emphasizes the importance of global community support, highlighting that donations are vital lifelines for the people of Sudan. The direct delivery of supplies and medications to frontline staff ensures their immediate and impactful use, alleviating suffering and saving lives. Each contribution is crucial, making every donor a significant part of the mission’s success. This collective effort not only provides urgent care but also transforms Sudan’s healthcare system through sustainable training and empowerment of local medical professionals.

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