Dialysis Care in Dongola


Dialysis patients are one of the most vulnerable groups affected by the war in Sudan. Most dialysis centers in Khartoum are out of service, and hundreds of dialysis patients fled to Dongola to resume their dialysis.

SAMA is supporting Al-Jomaih Dialysis Center, a public sector dialysis center, in Dongola to meet the additional demand.


  • Funding the purchase of dialysis medical supplies & dialysis-related medications
  • Providing logistical support (fuel, cleansing items, infrastructure maintenance )


Sudanese American Community Development Organization


On August 2023, we supported the Al-Jomaih dialysis center with the following items:

  • Dialysis medical supplies
    • Gauze roll
    • syringes
  • Dialysis related medications
    • Heparin 
    • Mannitol
    • Saline
    • Dextrose
  • Logistic supplies
    • Fuel
      • Transportation for patients and staff
    • Infrastructure maintenance
    • Cleansing tools