Supporting Women’s Health in Dongola

Supporting Women’s Health in Dongola

On July 25, SAMA and the Sudan Rescue Initiative, distributed hygiene kits to women in Dongola, Sudan. SAMA, through the generosity of their donors, has committed to providing young girls and women hygiene kits to ensure an essential need is not neglected. Please donate to support women’s health in this deeply challenging time.

The unrelenting turmoil of war in Sudan has upended the homes of many. Dongola is now home to nearly 2000 internally displaced people. These numbers are continuously rising as more people seek safety from conflict zones. Currently, there are 15 centers housing internally displaced people (IDP). 

SAMA distributed over 3000 kits to nearly 500 women. There are now an estimated 700 women in Dongola of menstruating age, mostly aged 15 through 30 years old.  They require these hygiene kits on an ongoing basis. SAMA needs your support in this endeavor to continue to provide these necessities to IDP women and safeguard their well-being. Please donate and spread awareness. 

Please donate today to ease the pain and suffering in this community!

Written by: Sundus Abrar, SAMA volunteer

*Picture from prior SAMA work in Khartoum in Women’s Health

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