Dr. Isam Osman Award For the outstanding surgeon

About the Dr. Isam Osman Award

About the event

Award Ceremony – Saturday, Dec 21st 2024

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Dr. Isam Osman Award Selection Committee

Selection Criteria

  • Open to Sudanese Surgeons regardless of their location
  • The nominee must have had efforts/achievements or stand out in the Academic, mentorship, and leadership spheres. 
  • The nominee should be universally likable and not a divisive or controversial figure. 
  • Consideration for the Award is only open to nomination by other individuals/others, i.e. self-nomination is not accepted.

Nomination process

  1. Open the nomination form and announce it on social media with weekly reminders
  2. Close the nomination form 
  3. All nominations are then collated and if in Arabic translated into English

Scoring Process

  1. A Google form is created encompassing all the nominations in the order of submission.
  2. The Google form will be anonymized; so the reviewer won’t know the identity of the nominee and will make a decision based on the information provided only. 
  3. The form is sent to the review committee to enter a score for each nomination. 
  4. The sum of the scores given to each nominee by each committee member is calculated
  5. Nominations are ranked in order 
  6. The nominee with the highest score is offered the award. 
  7. If they decline the award,  the next order will be contacted
  8. In the event of a tie, a run-off round to select one of the two will be done


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Name of Award اسم الجائزة

About the nominee عن المرشَح

Degrees earned, awards, publications – الدرجات العلمية الجوائز والبحوث العلمية
Membership of national/international committees/organizations Leadership positions – عضوية المرشح في اللجان والمنظمات المحلية والعالمية/ المناصب القيادية التي تقلدها المرشح
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please make sure you have the nominee’s permission before uploading these documents الرجاء التأكد من أخذ اذن المرشح قبل رفع المستندات

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