Trauma ECHO Best Case Presenter

Trauma ECHO Best Case Presenter

Alaa Mohammed, MBBS, MRCSI


  1. Congratulations to Dr. Ala and thank you for the work you do. Thank you, SAMA, for recognizing Sr Alana’s contributions.

  2. Congratulations dear Dr Alaa
    I was pleased to know Dr Alaa as she was preparing for the M Sc Anatomy at Bahri University
    This stance is much expected of her , having a kind soul , strong will and armed with good skills and knowledge. Wish you all the best .

  3. Congratulations Dr Alaa! Well deserved.
    May Allah reward you for saving life and healing wound

  4. A well-deserved award DR Alaa. You are a true role model for our young doctors.
    . Thank you for reassuring us that the is a bright light at the end of the tunnel.

  5. Well charming and my eyes full of tears🥺
    Thanks all of you for support and wish me luck and success 🥰💜..
    Wish war to stop and rebuild our loved SUDAN

  6. Very impressive
    Very difficult time
    War time
    very tough
    Good bless you
    Thanks again Dr Alala for helping you people your community your family
    Thanks SAMA

  7. Great work Dr Alaa. Your courage and commitment are inspiring. All the best with your future endeavors.

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