About Ibrahim Malik Teaching Hospital

  • History
    • 1977, established as a health center by a donation from the late Sheikh Ibrahim Malik
    • 1985, converted into a general hospital
    • 2006, Orthopedic Surgery was added
    • 2016, Ibrahim Malik Development Centre was established
    • Dec 2020, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department was added
  • 428 Beds – 7 ICU Beds
  • 15 Operating Rooms
  • Staff
    • 96 Senior Physicians (Specialists, Consultants)
    • 613 Junior Physicians (Residents, Medical Officers, House Officers)

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (OMFS) Course


 To provide knowledge and training to those in OMFS  specialty (registrars, specialists) in Sudan


Tentative – Saturdays 3-5PM

Subject Matter Experts

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Activity Flow

  1. Subject Matter Expert Didactic – 20mins
  2. Case Presentation by Participant – 20mins
  3. Discussion – 40mins


From ProjectECHO – University of New Mexico

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Coordinator: Dr. Ahmed Jamal Yassen Abdelrahim

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