In September 2014, when Sudan was still under US sanctions, SAMA filed an application with the Department of Treasury’s Office for Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) to obtain authorization to transfer donations to Sudan. In July 2015, OFAC authorized SAMA to transfer donations to Sudan for Humanitarian purposes. In May 2016, SAMA hired a full-time Executive Director based in the United States to lead the organization’s programs. This was followed by the establishment of the Sudan Office in Khartoum, and hiring permanent, full-time staff to design, implement and monitor its’ programs in Sudan. This led to significant growth in SAMA’s Sudan programs – including the Medical Supplies Program – as outlined in this section.

SAMA’s Medical Supplies Program exports Medical Supplies from the United States to Sudan. These are predominantly, high quality, unexpired consumable Medical Supplies. The program started in 2015 with shipments by air, then in 2019 focused on the shipment of 40-foot containers by sea. This led to distributing larger amounts of Medical Supplies of higher value at a lower cost.

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In March 2020, SAMA’s second 40-foot container arrived in Khartoum. That coincided with the Covid19 Pandemic surge. In partnership with the Ministry of Health, SAMA distributed medical supplies and consumables including PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to hospitals in Sudan.




  2019 – 40 foot Container#1





Surgical  OB/GYN Instruments for Northern Kordofan Hospitals

  • FirstHealth of the Carolinas Donation to Northern Kordofan Hospitals Surgical Instruments (Durables), February/ 2018
  • Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim (center), Director of SAMA Women’s Health Program, Chairperson of OBGYN in FirstHealth Hospital System, NC personally delivers surgical instruments donated by First Health of the Carolinas Hospitals and ScanLan to Elobeid hospital, North Kordofan.




Operating Microscope

  • SAMA successfully shipped an operating microscope donated by Shriner’s Hospital in Cincinnati, OH to Khartoum Dental Teaching Hospital . This device allows the surgeon to perform highly complex reconstruction Plastic and Maxillofacial surgery. The estimated value of the microscope is $15,000. The installation was personally overseen by Dr. Haithem M. Elhadi Babiker. It is the first operating microscope in the public sector in Sudan .

Mtral Valve Retractor_A.Gasim

Surgical Equipment for Ahmed Gasim Cardiac Surgery Center

  • Ahmed Gasim Hospital, a public access hospital in Khartoum Bahri, has been performing Open Heart Surgery since 1998.
  • AGH performs more than 20 open heart surgeries per month.
  • Mitral valve repair (compared to mitral valve replacement) helps avoid the need for anticoagulation and has longer survival (especially in patients with degenerative mitral valve disease).
  • SAMA donated Mitral valve retractor ($8000 + cost) to Ahmed Gasim Hospital; which enabled the heart surgeons to perform more complex mitral valve surgery.


Cubarithms ( basic tool for math teaching for the visually impair

  • In partnership with Glimmer of Hope (Non-profit organization in Sudan that works in advocacy & support for the visually impaired in Sudan).
  • SAMA donated 130 Cubarithmswith total cost of $6000+ to Alnour Institute for the Visually Impaired is the only National Educational Institution to cater for the visually impaired in Sudan (In 2015 has 120 students).





OB/GYN Surgical Instruments

  • FirstHealth of the Carolinas, a hospital system in Pinehurst, Troy, Rockingham & Raeford, North Carolina donated high quality surgical instruments used in the Operating Room and Labor and Delivery Room to SAMA.
  • Special thanks to Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim, Consultant in OBGYN, Chairperson, SAMA Humanitarian Committee in securing this donation for SAMA. They were  shipped to Wad-Medani Obstetrics and Gynecology Teaching Hospital (WMOGTH) .
  • It is Sudan’s second largest maternity hospital performing 6070 Cesarean sections & 16393 total deliveries (vaginal, cesarean section) in 2015. It is staffed with 26 Consultants in OBGYN & 183 Nurses & Midwives. It is also a training Center for undergraduate and postgraduate students of University of Gezira.



SAMA Donations reach Wad Ounsa Mycetoma satellite unit in East Sennar, Sennar, Sudan

  • Mycetoma is a disabling fungal infection, prevalent in Sudan that can lead to limb amputation in its’ advanced stages.
  • Mycetoma Research Center (MRC) in Soba University Hospital, Khartoum, conducts mobile surgical missions that provide surgical treatment in East Sennar County.
  • SAMA has successfully secured donations in consumable surgical supplies from Medshare to support these missions.

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Bone Graft Harvest Trays

  • This surgical instrument (right) is used to harvest (or collect) bone from the hip of the patient to close defects in the palate , this results in a smaller scar and less pain compared to usual instruments..
  • SAMA donated two trays to SUH & KDTH (one each), so the surgeons can continue to perform cleft palate repair with better equipment in the absence of the visiting team



Echocardiography machine for Shaab public hospital

  • Donated by Detroit Medical Center Heart Hospital (Phillips HP Sonos – $17,000+)
  • Echo machine arrived on October 2015 to Shaab Teaching Hospital, the only public tertiary referral hospital with Emergency Cardiac care in Khartoum.


Handheld Echo for heart diseases screening in children

  • Rheumatic Heart Disease (RHD) is estimated to affect 10 per 1000 Sudanese Children.
  • The Sudanese Children’s Heart Society (and its partners – the Sudan Federal Ministry of Health & the Sudan Heart Society) aims to decrease the incidence of Acute Rheumatic Fever and Rheumatic Heart Disease by 25% in those less than 25 years by the year 2025.
  • Handheld echo device ($4850 value) donated to the Sudanese Children’s Heart Society.
  • The devices were used to screen for RHD among children.